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We assist thousands of students each year to find meaning and purpose in their study and, more importantly, get excited about their future.  We have a range of programs to suit the career-life development needs of all students.

Student Testimonials

Stephen: Parent

Liam was a highly unmotivated kid in Y10 when we came to see you and you were the one that pointed out to him that he is very good at public speaking.

That changed him, he started to put in at school and while not going all out like his friends, did some study, joined the debate team and the model UN (making it to the state finals in debate in Y11) which really made him a very happy kid. In fact he has received more praise for his public speaking in the past 2 years than he received for anything previous in his schooling.

Y12 was not a highly stressful year, Rohan will never spend his life focused on his books, but because we let him do all his favourite subjects he did put in a respectable effort.

He got 82, (41 for English) and has now accepted a place at ANU arts. He is passionate about politics and currently plans a 5 year degree ending up as a lawyer. I am over the moon. I felt when we came to see you we were looking at a bare pass and now I can see that in being at ANU he will have the opportunity to explore where he can go with the talents that he does have.

Several people have commented that after the intensity of VCE kids are too burnt out for Uni. Rohan is not one off those kids, he cruised through the year and enjoyed it, didn’t get stressed at the exams and is now really looking forward to going to uni.  He is doing a major in international studies (really passionate about this) and a minor in film studies (really passionate about this).   

I would like to thank you for the role you have played in getting Rohan to this place. I would also like to let you know that I am delighted with who he has become in the past 2 years and I am feeling quite confident about his future.



Jiem: Parent

On the recommendation of a friend I took my 16yo apathetic son along to see Nigel for career counselling. My hopes were for a bit of direction in terms of what careers he would be suited to and therefore the subjects he should do at school.  We walked out with much, much more. Nigel really identified the things that motivated my son as well as the things he was good at and the paths in life that could take him down. The result has been 2 years of watching a young man transform into a passionate, motivated individual.

After talking with Nigel, my son changed.  He knew what he was good at and he knew what he was passionate about and he went for it. I could write a list of all the positive things he does now compared to before, but what is important is that he is making good choices about his activities and as a result he is getting positive rewards, something that was very lacking in the past. My son isn't a genius, he isn't gifted, but he does now know the type of path he wants to take in life and it is not only wonderful to see, it means that as a parent I am literally sitting back watching him take his own life on, on his own terms.

I've now taken my younger son also 16 to see Nigel and am seeing the start of another wonderful transformation.



Russell: Math Tutor

Earlier this year I referred Richard to complete a CFT program and I wanted to share his progress with you.  We had our final session of maths tutoring on Sunday afternoon and he was in good spirits as we reviewed the two years we have worked together.

Apart from his obvious and well-placed admiration and appreciation for my marvellous tutoring (!), Richard nominated one thing as the greatest thing I'd ever done for him ... arranging for him to meet and talk to you!  As you know he was pretty low about his future prospects during the middle of the year. He freely admits that talking to you after completing the CFT folder, enabled him to re-focus with a more rational and confident outlook on his life, studies and the future. This carried him right through to the end of the year and I was delighted to see how he coped with the exams.

He's handled himself well and is full of excitement about the future, even if it isn't Dentistry at Melb Uni.  I wanted to pass this on and thank you again for your willingness to help Richard.



David: Parent of Year 10 student

"This program is excellent for parents.  All parents should attend the counselling session if possible."



Dianne: Parent

We would like to thank you for providing careers guidance for our son, when he was in year 9.  At that time he was bored with school and his results were poor.  He was frequently in trouble and had been threatened with expulsion.  The message he was receiving from many teachers was that he was a failure and would never be able to achieve anything in the future unless he tried harder and improved his behaviour.  This only discouraged him and had the effect of making him feel he had nothing to lose, leading to experimentation with drugs and a further deterioration in his behaviour.

As his parents we knew we had to do something to stop this cycle, and decided to send him for careers guidance hoping this would help him to envisage a future beyond school.  The session with Careers Fast Track was a turning point for him.  He came away feeling validated as a person and excited by the range of careers presented to him which suited his personality and values.  The careers guidance helped him to accept himself and look positively towards a future in which he could be successful.

The change was not immediate and there have been many other steps along the way, but by year 11 he was achieving straight 'A' results and his attitude to school and life was positive.  He finished year 12 last year and worked hard to achieve a score of 94.  He has just started a double degree at university and is enthusiastic, ambitious and focused for the future.  Adam recently commented to us that it was Careers Fast Track which started him on this path, and said how much he appreciates the guidance he received.

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