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Careers Fast Track (CFT) is the first company that truly provides the connection between each life-stage providing career-life development solutions that maximise personal growth, productivity and contribution.

CFT provides career-life counselling, workforce development and human resource training solutions for individuals and companies – nation wide and internationally.

We work with individuals (from every industry sector) and organisations (from micro-businesses, SME's to large multinationals) to maximise the career-life growth of people and maximise personal and corporate profit margins. Our programs are based upon the latest thinking in human change technologies.

When careers flourish - nations prosper!



To continuously improve the integration of human giftedness and talent into society.



To support the continued career growth and success of our clients through the provision of industry relevant accredited and non-accredited education and training and career coaching programs.



Innovation - developing win-win solutions
Relationships - building value for all
Contribution – helping people flourish
Quality – continuous improvement
Ethical Practice - exceeding professional standards


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Suite 109 - 370 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004
Ph: +61 3 9939 3128