Hanna: Doctor

I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for all your help and guidance with my applications and interviews.

My online interview was a success - I've accepted a job as an intern doctor at (removed) Hospital for next year! All your advice and coaching was really helpful and obviously worked! I'm very excited to start working and hope I'll take your advice through the rest of my career.

Thanks again, your help was incredible and I honestly don't think I would have gotten through the process without you!

Kirilee: Engineer     

I have awesome news. I have a JOB!! (Crazy stuff hey!)

It ended up being a matter of impeccable timing, I cold called the right guy at the right time & it seems to be the perfect job for me.

The role is jnr structural engineer right next to where I live.  It’s a small company (10 staff) whom do a lot of domestic structural design, together with commercial & industrial. The people are fun, young & enjoy excitement!  (Hooray I found some real people posing as engineers!!  Also, I'm working under a female engineer (who is a superb role model for me).  And, the office atmosphere is casual, not corporate, so it's a totally 'real' environment for me to work in.

Over the past few months it became clear to me that it wasn’t necessarily contributing to a community that I was after, it was simply just working in what initially attracted me to civil engineering, which was designing residential properties, and being around people with which I identified with.

Previously my job hunting strategy had been to apply for anything that I was 'qualified' using my B.Eng (Civil) and take whatever was offered to me, which led me down paths I was never truly interested in.  So, this time, it may have taken 5 or so months, but I truly believe it was so worth it to really assess who I was & where 'I' really wanted to go, and then to go & persevere at getting IT....and now I have this great opportunity in something that I am thoroughly interested in and it feels wicked!

So a big thanks to you Nigel, for helping me out with my direction and supporting me to get me on my way.

Kim: Graphic Designer

I just wanted to let you know the good news.  I got offered a job:):)  I wanted to thank you because I couldn't have done it without you!  The job title is Product Developer/ Graphic Design Assistant.  I will have to go to trade shows twice a year in Hong Kong! 

They liked my trade show experiences and the fact that I am enrolled in a graphic design course.  They want someone that they can mold to the position.  It is a very good opportunity to break into this sort of an environment.  I am really excited:) 

I am a bit scared to tell ……………., but I understand that this fear is from the "bad relationship" that I have with them.  It is always hard to break up from a bad relationship you know!  I will be fine because I know that I have got a great future ahead of me now.

Anyways, I will keep in touch with you and let you know how things are going with it.  This is all possible because of your help.  I thank  you from the very bottom of my heart for helping me get out of a bad situation and get on with living life and being successful!

Carol: Psychologist           

Leaving my senior role to have a family was at first totally exciting but, I don’t know – it changed after the first few years.  Especially when I went back to my old workplace for a visit with my new baby boy – no-one seemed to have any time to talk and everyone was so busy.

I guess I just felt like my professional life had passed me by.

Thanks for helping me to adjust my perspective and develop a clear plan for my future.  I have already been offered a part time role and I know it will lead to the opportunities I envisage.

I can’t believe how long I felt trapped,  thanks…

Gary: Lawyer            

I found my work a complete burn out – I just didn’t want to go to work anymore.  This has all changed now – thanks for your help.

Sue: Actuary           

Who’d have thought I could travel and build my career at the same time – I have the best of both worlds – thanks.

Charles: Nurse        

For the last 4 years I have found the changes in my work a real frustration.  I learned a lot by exploring this – about my own skills but more about where I really want to be. 

I feel very excited about my new business role and actually look forward to the future. Thanks.

Arnold: Marketing Manager          

After I was made redundant I thought my world had collapsed.  Working with you picked me up and gave me hope for my future – but much more – I now have a clear plan for action!  Thanks.

12 months later…

Hi – Arnold here – just wanted to let you know that I just picked up a director role in a small agency!  I am so glad I completed the your program – you guys are fantastic! 

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