Renewal Planning

Demographic change means that the median age of the workforce in all organisations is rising. Such change will require a proactive and innovative response from organisational leaders to ensure labour force needs are met in the short to medium term. We have developed a range of solutions to assist organisations better manage this demographic shift and improve the flexibility and productivity of the workforce.

Our Solution

We provide workshops and individual support based upon our Renewal (Retirement) Planning Workbook that provides a holistic and comprehensive retirement planning package assisting older workers to:

  • Better prepare for their retirement by aligning their current position goals with post retirement goals;
  • Develop more motivation and positive mindset;
  • Focus on performance outcomes and productivity; and
  • Feel more positive and motivated by their future opportunities.

The outcome of this workbook is a comprehensive Statement of Advice which provides a road map for each individual to align current workplace performance with post-retirement goals.

Our Approach

We have a 5 step approach to providing efficient career development solutions:

  1. We begin by gaining a complete understanding of your requirements
  2. We scope and cost the proposed solution (with clear performance measures)
  3. We validate the intended outcomes (our quote doesn’t change)
  4. We deliver the project and conduct training and/or individual coaching
  5. We evaluate each outcome as identified, make recommendations and provide support as required

Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide you with the best career development solution for the most efficient price. We establish a relationship with our clients so that we understand their business and the drivers of their success. This way you can call on us anytime when the need arises without the need for time consuming and costly proposals and tenders. Our approach will deliver:

  • Measureable productivity improvements
  • Value added outcomes
  • The most efficient solution

No Obligation

Use the following link to register your interest in discussing the Retirement Planning needs of your workforce with us. Based upon a free confidential and no-obligation meeting, we will provide you with an initial proposal to meet your requirements. We welcome your enquiry.

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